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Custom kitchen design

custom designs and expert craftmanship.

Our Kitchen Design Packages

At Wycliffe of Warwickshire, we offer a range of ergonomic kitchen design and manufacture services specially tailored to meet your requirements.

Kitchen Studios

Our bespoke kitchen studio design service is informed by our keen insight into customer needs and design trends that we have accumulated over our years of experience. This, combined with our experience working with kitchen studios, means we are uniquely placed to provide services suitable for you. We offer quick turnarounds on designs of any material and any size.

Dishwasher with cabinet door
Drawer and stove top

Property Developers

Our team includes professionals with house-building experience meaning that we know the industry inside and out. We offer a full support package for property developers available from initial design to complete installs. Our services also extend to assistance with electrical and plumbing installation.

Architects and Interior Designers

Our knowledge and experience make us well-equipped to work with architects and interior designers. Our service will be tailored to your specific project needs and can cover everything from initial discussion and planning all the way through to project management and related support services.

Custom kitchen cabinet
Kitchen drawers


From flats to cottages to manor houses and everything in between, our team is uniquely positioned to deliver a kitchen like no other. Not only is our team well experienced, but we also focus heavily on tailoring the design planning and installation to suit you, your lifestyle, and your family. We take your regular routine and lifestyle into consideration to ensure that your kitchen works well for you.


Think kitchen – Importantly, think functionality

This is much more than just the working triangle.

Many do not realise how the everyday details that are very personal to you affect the type of kitchen that will work best. Your buying habits, the type and quantity of food you prepare and cook, how often and how you eat and socialise will all inform the best practical flow and happiest arrangement of kitchen layout and configuration, and will differentiate your own kitchen.

Over our 50 years of practice planning and designing kitchens, many customers have happily proven our attention to detail and expertise make far more of a difference than expected – as well as the quality of our products.

Kitchen Studios
Property Developers
Architects and Interior Designers

designed to make life easy.

Talk to our design team

Beautifully designed custom ergonomic kitchens are what we do best. If this sounds right up your alley, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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